A real-time multiplayer word finding web game.

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What is NewsGamer?

NewsGamer is a real-time multiplayer web game. Players first need to login with Google and then can either create a new game and invite other players or can join already created games by other players.

Why I made this game?

Well, there is a very interesting story behind this.

My father had subscribed to daily newspaper. He used to read it daily in the morning but me and brother (Dushyant) had different plans 😜.

I used to play this game with my elder brother where we decide an alphabet first (let's say c). Now with newspaper in our hand, we start to highlight the words starting with letter c. Whoever highligts 30 words first was declared winner. We used enjoy this a lot and then suddenly life took a different turn (in a good way tbh).

I passed IIT(JEE) in 2018 and went to IIT(ISM) to study Mining Engineering. College was far away from my home, almost 1400kms.

One day, in my second semester, it hit me really hard that now i cannot play that game with my brother anymore. Then this idea of creating a game came to my mind. Keep in mind I had no idea of development, though I was decent in competitive programming.

Then I met a few seniors who guided me in web development. That is how the journey of creating NewsGamer began.

Who can play it?

Anybody can play it. All you need is a mobile/laptop, internet connection and another player(s) to play with. Of course you need some free time too 😜.

Why you should play it?

I do not know why I put this question here. Anyways, why do you play a game? I guess just for fun.

Features of NewsGamer?

  1. It is real-time, so you can see score of every player which makes it very interesting and competitive.
  2. Single player mode is available to enjoy in your free time.
  3. Profile page to find your previous games and scores, update your bio, etc.
  4. Public profile link to share with others. Anyone can see your past games and score even if they are not logged in to NewsGamer.
  5. Lobby quick chat. So if you are waiting for someone to join, just tap "waiting for someone" and everybody in lobby will know.
  6. Confetti when you win 😜.
  7. A store to buy teasing stickers. Teasors appear on your profile as achievements and also losers are teased with your primary teasor if you win.
  8. App is a PWA(Progressive Web App), that means you can install it on your mobile.

Future of NewsGamer?

I am always thinking to make this better and flexible with new features.

Feature like pausing the game or request to pause the game, private game are in my mind. I will put more effort in these features once I achieve 1000 signups.